Heroes of the Dawn - Doombringer

Character Creation

Character Creation

All characters are human, but may choose other lineages.

Ablities: Generate ability scores with high powered option, 4d6 8 times, reroll ones a single time, keep the best scores.

Cultural/Occupation Bonus: The character may choose to define their character based on their culture or ethnicity. If so they will note the mechanical differences between these. Alternatively they may choose an occupation and gain the benefits of thereof.

Backgrounds: All players may choose 2 backgrounds from the categories of mental physical, social, and lineage categories. They may choose from those present in the Iron Heroes book, the Iron Heroes Companion and those developed specifically for the campaign.

Classes: All Classes from Iron Heroes, Iron Heroes Companion, new Arcanist Class, new Channeler class, new Noble class, new Willowwalker class.

Feats: All feats available from Iron Heroes, Iron Heroes Companion, True Sorcery, D20 Core Rule Books, D20 Complete Class books, and selected OGL feats.

Skills: Use a modified skill group set from the Iron Heroes books, as well skills specifically developed for this campaign.



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