Heroes of the Dawn - Doombringer

Foundation Period

If we are playing in the Foundation period there are some things you all need to be aware of.

It will be assumed that almost every person is illiterate. They may know the meaning of individual runes or symbols but few are literate. I may decide to make literacy something bought with skill points unless the background calls for it.

Steel is a relatively new substance to those not of Thorvalds blood or their closest allies. This only changes one stat, hardness, and I dont even know if thats used in this system.

Baths if they happen at all are normally done in streams, rivers and lakes. Boiled water is not a common thing, and plumbing does not exist outside of ditches.

This is NOT earths middle ages not does it represent in whole cloth any period of earth history.

As a result remember these things:

Women are not mere chattel. Due in large part to the Daen regard for wise women and the Eisenhar belief that women defend the village and have accounted for some of their fiercest heroes the people of the burgeoning empire do not regard women as subservient. Some of the houses are patriarchal, but others base their succession on mere age and birth, not sex. None are matriachal however. This is not to say that women are equals in this society, and like all things is greatly dependant on the person in question.

The only equivalence to the Roman empire or other great civilzations did not merely collapse, they were cast down by gods and destroyed. Little survives of them.

Wizards are rare and feared. Magic comes from the gift of Ankhel the Vagabond, a demon. The difference between a witch and a wizard is entirely social. A learned man who has mastered magic is a wizard, a person who works in secret and learned from someone other than a wizard is a witch. Both have been burned or stoned before.



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