Heroes of the Dawn - Doombringer


Languages High Tongue, or tellurian, commonly used in most provinces of Dolmani, mostly nobility and educated people

Trade Tongue, a mishmash of tongues, created for ease of use among traveling merchants, it is a very pointed language, not for conversation, but it will get you fed and clothed about anywhere.

Old Kings Tongue, primary language of the Dwarves of Karstadt Mts.

Faltandir, language of Faltir

Coramal, language of Anorien

Tongue of Laws, most ancient tongue known to man. In many ancient texts

Shi’ana, used by the few Easterners who come to these shores

Sylosa, language of Syrmor, also spoken sometimes in Delost

Elebandir, ancient Elven language, possibly older than tongue of laws, though certainly more complex

Kantian – il’Quader, and Delost

Dragnae, taught to humans by Ankhel the Vagabond, still spoken in some wizardly, and educated circles.

Iridani, a common tongue spoken among Elven peoples.

Siridani, spoken among the strange elves of the Eastern lands

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