Heroes of the Dawn - Doombringer

second assault

Second Assault on the Keep of the Ainglemach

Outline Only:

Characters realize that they are no longer in the Seeming of Grief’s past, but are in fact in the wide open causeway extending from Grief to the Crystal Keep. While they have all returned to who they were, what they were doing has no changed, and so Eurwen still straddles Carl in an embrace fervent enough to make even Iskadi turn a shade pink. When she realizes what she is about, she bounces up and immediately speaks to the situation at hand, preferring to ignore her indiscretion.

The decision is made to assault the tower again, preferring stealth and caution to a frontal assualt. After the last effort it is decided that while formiddable it is likely that the other forces involved here have weakened the castle’s defenses to a degree that swift action and stealth may be possible.

Iskadi bids her spirit companion to scout about, and from their observations choose to scale the castles western wall, where the mountain comes closest to the structure and make as swift an entrance as possible, using magic and stealth to avoid as much bloodshed as possible.

Nonetheless as they attempt to sneak past the front gates, now gaurded not by brutish ogres, but by elder trolls, they are spotted and combat is joined. The trolls rush headlong down the field, ignoring arrows and magical energy flung at them. Combat is swift and brutal. As one charges he lets loose javellins, as the second runs he crushes stones to his chest and seems to take their strength unto his skin. Iskadi lets loose Eldritch darts of fire, while Sasha summons down bolts of flame from the cloudy sky.

As the battle continues the trolls recognize him for what he is, and call him out for battle “Einherar, do not worry, your head will be sent to your mother for her garden!” Carl recieves his charge by thrusting his glaive through the creatures chest, while it, grinning madly swings axes of ice into the warriors steel clad chest. Meanwhile the second troll summoned the power of the earth to destroy the heroes, creating spikes of stone and shockwaves to distract and wound the casters. The axe wielding troll is felled by Carl, as he spins out of his reach and lops off his head with a backward swing of his greatsword. The second now surrounded by the heroes cannot hope to survive, and is felled by Sasha’s magic.

Having defeated the gaurds at the door, and managing \




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