Heroes of the Dawn - Doombringer

Design Journal: Trolls

Trolls in this campaign are not merely the scaly skinned regenerative monsters of the Monster Manual, lacking intelligence and relying merely on their prodigious strength and regenerative qualities for victory. The Trolls of the North are intelligent, well trained, skilled combatants, who walk erect like men, with dark blue skin and short, conical horns of various colors. They are descended from a fae race of warriors, whose battle prowess is legendary. It is they who brought the secret of steel to the Giants, and to many of the fel races of the north, just as the dwarfs of the north gave the same secret to the gods, and their human followers the Einherar. Trolls and dwarfs are inimical to one another for this feud and many others. Though both have lost much of their fae heritage their ancient enmity has not been lost.



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