Heroes of the Dawn - Doombringer


Personae Dramatis Wyck

Talisen – young, harp bearing blonde man with startling green eyes. Thaemoria – gorgeous young dark haired beauty from Syrmor who has come to share her ways and learn from the conclave of Wyck. Sandor – wiry willowwalker, human mostly, but showing obvious signs of connection to the wild.

Sholham – ancient old coot who lives in a pig farm at the edge of a small lake. Tallos – young boy who is Sholham’s ward Boron – older barrel chested blacksmith

Druids Leashy – fey seeming woman with golden hair and a gown made of flowers Huron – strongly built older man who favors dark leather and is always armed Ren Folcom – wild eyed and dirty, he seems less interested in people than the dirt he tends to. Luko – Dark skinned white haired old man, apparently blind, attended by nude bodyguards Tarman the Bard – mail girt, steel short sword, harp and bow.



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