Heroes of the Dawn - Doombringer

The first adventure

Entry Backdated to Time of XP log. Xp Gained 450 per character.

Karl Rosehelm, ward of lord Cadwallader waits at the Forlorn Quay on the southernmost coast of Cardohan. It is a lonesome place, set into the chalky cliffs there. The quay itself is far older than the near by townships, carved from white smooth stone and cunningly designed in curving wondrous shapes that are complimented by the sea. Along side him, only to sate her curiosity is Iskadi, a fey blooded sorceress under the protection of Cadwallader.

Sasha arrives in Ceasiarn, the guest of Lord Cadwallader who is interested in his daughter learning more of the Empire and its ways. They are ambushed by Pwn Awn, brutal barbarous killers who revere the untamed predators of the forest. This is unusual due to their isolation and that over the last few decades their numbers have dwindled due to war and disease. The heroes beat them back and protect their new friend. The pwn awn have among them a spell caster of some sort, who use blood and the earth itself as their enemies.

Sasha is introduced to the small stronghold of Caer Dwyllon, as such things go it is unimpressive. The walls are wooden, the paths muddy, the castle little more than a country fort. But its people are happy, competent, well fed, and craft beautiful things of cloth, clay and woven things.

The characters are introduced the Eurwen, the daughter of Lord Cadwallader, and in his absence head of his household.


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